It is a pleasure and honor to welcome you to the fifth International Conference on Computational Bioengineering in Leuven, Belgium.

The use of computer simulations for the study and prediction of biological and biomedical processes is growing. Particularly where it concerns complex dynamic systems, such as biological and biomedical processes, computer simulations are indispensable in testing hypotheses and putting information in a quantitative context.

It has become clear that major advancements in our understanding of biological and biomedical processes can only be made when we can integrate the work from researchers working at different aspects. We inevitably need integration of multiple scale levels and multiple signals, as well as integration of models and experiments, integration of technologies for model development, and further integration of research (sub)disciplines.

We identified that "Integration" is central to many aspects of current Computational Bioengineering and we want to highlight that facet. For that purpose, the aim of the conference will be to bring together the latest and most relevant topics in the field of "Integrative" Computational Bioengineering. It will provide a forum for sharing technical knowledge and establishing networking opportunities. Research topics will cover all aspects of biology, physiology and pathology from the molecule to the body. Specifically, we will emphasize the following themes:

  • integrative modeling
  • multilevel modeling
  • multiphysics modeling
  • integration of models and experiments through model development and validation
  • integration of technologies for model development, such as imaging, sensing, informatics